We are transparent about and remain accountable for our sustainability performance. Hence, we make known our sustainability targets and publish our corporate sustainability reports annually to summarise the many sustainable actions and achievements taking place across the Company.

Sustainability Target And Report


We believe sustainability allows us to create “shared value”, whereby we can create value for shareholders and stakeholders through our business process. To this end, we take a holistic approach to sustainability, defining our idea of sustainable development using five pillars:


We are committed to environmental management and practices. Through self-control and innovation, we apply the most appropriate technology so as to strike a balance between cost-effectiveness and environmental protection.

Five-year Targets for global environmental protection
Since 2007, we have set five-year global environmental targets to ensure that we use resources efficiently and minimize adverse impacts of our operations on the environment. We have set targets on carbon footprint, energy consumption, water use, waste management and reforestation which help us evaluate the progress of our environmental stewardship efforts. We aspire to take sustainable fashion to the next level.

Low-carbon manufacturing
We strive to improve our performance in carbon footprint and energy saving through such environmental engineering projects as energy-efficient machine replacements, the upgrading of equipment, and the increasing use of renewable energies in production. An increasing number of our factories is certified to have met international environmental standards such as ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems, ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems, and WWF Low Carbon Manufacturing Programme (LCMP). We have taken both technical and management measures to significantly reduce energy use and emissions of greenhouse gases.

Water Stewardship
Water plays a critical role in the production process, but we never forget that water is scarce and is essential to life itself. To minimize the risks of water shortage and pollution, we undertake prudent water stewardship which is aimed at cutting water consumption and maximizing the use of recycled water. We achieve this objective through the consistent upgrading of water-processing equipment, the enhancement of wastewater treatment as well as regular preventive measures.

Chemical management
Committed to upholding our standards of product integrity, we ensure that our products comply with regulations governing the use of hazardous substances. Our extensive chemical management imposes limits on the concentration of certain chemical substances in our raw materials and finished products according to our restricted substances list (RSL). Our wastewater is also regularly monitored to prevent the discharge of hazardous substances.

Sustainable sourcing
We use sustainable materials in our products as part of our commitment to environmental protection. Many of our facilities are certified to have the capability to make our products traceable throughout the production process to ensure our product integrity and safety. We also fulfil our promise to offer sustainable products made of recycled, organic and organic blended materials.


We have over 800 employees dedicated to product development and technological advancement. Each of our product divisions has its own R&D team that tailors research to the needs of their global operations. We draw on our talents from a number of disciplines ranging from design to technical experts in the field of fabric, apparel construction and patterns. Our R&D teams also include experts from various disciplines with hands-on experience. This powerful combination of expertise and experience has led to our excellence in our innovation in production process and products.

Process innovation
Our R&D team keeps improving our production process design and production equipment. The team is not only responsible for designing, customising and integrating automation technologies into our manufacturing processes but is also an in-house machinery and equipment developer that we take pride in.

Working closely with these experts is our Industrial Engineering team which also refines the garment-making operation with a focus on enhancing workers’ efficiency and the comfort and safety of the work environment.

Production process innovation not only contributes to our endeavours in product integrity, production efficiency, caring about the employees and environmental protection but also adds value to our products. Our Value-Added Processing (VAP) capability enables us to add aesthetic and financial value to our products by widening the variety of our products. This helps to enhance customer satisfaction.

Product innovation
To our customers, we are more than a key supplier. We also work closely with them as their partner in product development. We originate ideas for products and crystalize customers’ concepts into definite product designs, drawing on our comprehensive information about and thorough analysis of fashion market trends, our expertise in concept design, product innovation, raw material development and sourcing, technological applications and prototype making.


Crystal International Group’s mission is to deliver quality products and services that our customers regard as good value for money. We achieve the purpose by living by our motto of “Quality Comes First” at every stage of the production process. This ensures the excellence of our products in terms of appearance, physical and chemical safety, as well as strict compliance with regulations.

Quality assurance
Our dedicated Corporate Quality Assurance team ensures compliance with our policies on quality and adherence to our objectives. They do so by conducting regular system audits, quality performance reviews and statistical analysis, and by building up capabilities.

Due diligence
We operate 10 certified in-house laboratories in different countries. Such laboratories conduct performance tests on our raw materials, semi-finished products and final products to ensure their physical and chemical safety. They are accredited by some of our key customers, and as such, our quality inspectors at the laboratories can approve the quality of our products on behalf of our customers.


Our employees are essential to the success of our business. To ensure that our staff are engaged, loyal and committed to carrying out our mission, The Group has made several commitments to meeting the needs of our people.

People development
We emphasise the development of our employees in order to enhance their knowledge, professional skills, personal growth and job satisfaction and to facilitate their career advancement.

Different training programmes are designed for our employees at various positions. Some of our training initiatives include the P.A.C.E. (Personal Advancement and Career Enhancement) programme that empower women workers through life skills education. Our Associate Programme is a rigorous fast-track management programme through which we develop university graduates with high potential into future corporate leaders.

Employees’ well-being
We are committed to conducting our operations in accordance with the industry standards and legal requirements of the countries in which we operate. We believe in providing a safe and decent work environment for our employees.

Our Social Compliance Policy and Social Compliance Manual that apply to the whole group provide guidance and instructions on health and safety, and many other aspects involving human rights and compensation. The manual applies to both Crystal’s wholly-owned factories and subcontractors.

Employee engagement
We believe that effective communication is a prerequisite for building and managing an engaged workforce and that it is vital to the success in fostering an employee’s sense of belonging and in enhancing mutual understanding between the company and the employees.

Crystal Group believes in keeping its employees informed and in open communication with them. From regular meetings and informal gatherings to newsletters and online social networking platforms, the management uses various channels to enhance and maintain close relationships with their teams.

To ensure a fair and equitable workplace, we have put in place a grievance mechanism that allows all employees to voice complaints or grievances to the management.


The Group strives to integrate its support for the development of the community into its core operations, for example by offering employment opportunities and by mobilising our huge workforce to join meaningful causes. The aim is to bring lasting benefits to the communities in which we have a business presence.

Tree planting around the world
Since 2007, The Group and its factories around the world have been planting trees extensively in communities where we have a business presence. The move is aimed at raising the employees’ awareness of climate change and the problem of deforestation. The Group also aims to actively involve them in reversing environmental damage. The planted trees not only help remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere but also supply food, medicinal herbs, timber and other useful crops to the communities.

Employee’s voluntary services
Our employees also offer voluntary services as an excellent way to connect with their local communities and give back to society. By giving singing performances and organizing games for the elderly, visiting nearby sick people and orphans, raising funds for earthquake victims and cleaning up the neighbourhood around the factory, our employees devote their skills and time to the help for the needy in their local communities.

Synergistic partnerships with stakeholders
We actively seek the support and engagement of industrial associations, non-governmental bodies, and environmental and academic organisations that are aligned with our vision of sustainability. Such synergistic partnerships with our stakeholders generate social and environmental benefits.

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