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Neo Hope has been starting with the Goal of Making Custom & Quality Clothing Manufacturing Easy & Accessible.


Our Fashion Design Services begin with proper planning to ensure timely product to market that meet consumer demands. We work in concert with your existing fashion design and/or management team to deliver critical and objective analysis to help you make the right decisions. Our process includes trends research and market analysis while examining the competitive landscape and your brand positioning.


Our Apparel Development and Pre-Production Services offer a complete solution to prepare your garments for full-scale production. Proper apparel pre-production and planning may significantly reduce your production and manufacturing costs while ensuring top-quality output. In this phase of our process, it is important to identify each garment’s key characteristics to ensure product consistency and quality.

Clothing Manufacturers in Los Angeles
Our Apparel Production and Manufacturing Services have the resources and capabilities to produce a wide range of products including Active/Sports Wear, Casuals, Outerwear, Formal Wear, Swimwear, and Intimate Apparel.


We have a super-large intelligent data warehousing space, equipped with many advanced machines, which can quickly distribute goods for customers for packing and shipping. In the quality inspection and control stage, we have professional verification personnel to check the progress of each stage of the product and can respond to emergencies the first time.

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