Quality Control Inspector


A four-level quality control Inspector system is operating in all our factories.

  • At the first level, We will check the quality of the fabric before production,
  • as well as determine whether the accessories meet the customer’s design.
  • At the second level, the quality is checked immediately during the production process
  • when the product is in a semi-festoon state.
  • At the third level, our quality controllers conduct quality checks at the end of production lines when the product is already ready, but not packaged yet.
  • We conduct a fourth-level quality control inspection in the finished warehouse
  • before packaging and our quality control inspector always keeps eyes on production quality. 

The four-level quality control system excludes delivery of defective products to our customers.

50 quality control inspectors and 30 re-checkers in our production. Welcome to Visit us Neohope Always Welcome our Worldwide Customers for Small and Middle Sized Orders. 

quality control inspector

neohope quality control 

quality control inspector

Our quality control inspector are doing inspect the fabric carefully before go to production line.


The use of high-quality materials is of great importance in the production of high-quality clothing.

We can carry out strict quality control inspector in the manufacturing process,

but if we use non-quality materials, we cannot produce quality products at all.

That is why we pay great attention to the quality of materials,

accessing to the production. All materials are checked at the production laboratory, and

only after the end of the laboratory’s positive conclusion we use them in the process of production.

In the production we use materials, 50% of which is of European, 30% is of Japanese and 20% is of South Korean production.

Our Worldwide Customers are very happy with our product quality,

and fully satisfy with our quality with their OEM/ODM brand which our inspector carefully take of it,

and make sure that everything

goes accordingly to our customer requirement & demands.


you can ask outside Inspection Companies as well

for your goods inspect, We always Support. Overall We Do As per our Clients Wants..!! 

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