Chinos and Bermuda Shorts——From Folk to Political

Shorts are the most common item in summer, but they are often overlooked. In fact, there were many classic and timeless shorts in the last century.

The Origin of Bermuda Shorts

Affected by the military uniform of World War I、II, local tailors in Bermuda began to rule on civilian versions. By the 1920s, Bermuda shorts had become the standard business attire for local men. Shorts were no longer indecent or intimate clothing, but rather dignified, representative of identity and taste as outerwear.

With the improvement of people’s cognition, shorts have become a representative item for intellectuals and celebrities

After the end of World War II, the United States introduced the Veterans Rights Act, which benefited 8.3 million serving US Army soldiers on American campuses. Bermuda shorts began to enter the intellectual community, becoming a symbol of the educated middle class.

In the 1950s, driven by intellectuals, celebrities, and others, Bermuda shorts became a must-have item in street fashion and a representative of identity and taste.

Chino pants – the most popular style item in the mid to late 20th century United States, with a dual guarantee of quality and practicality

Since its inception, Chino pants have been made of lightweight cotton twill fabric in khaki color. Compared to wool, they are more durable, easier to clean, and more formal than denim.

In the 1950s, the French military added a double pleated design to the front of the American Chino pants, and the silhouette became more loose.Driven by celebrities and rock music, Chino pants eliminated class boundaries and became the most common style item in mid to late 20th century America.

Influenced by Mod culture, Chino pants are no longer just khaki, and the originally serious and serious long pants are now becoming shorts, laying the foundation for modern casual style.

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