Hawaiian Shirt ——Wearing it to welcome the summer sunshine!

Aloha Shirt,Our commonly known “Hawaiian shirt”, with its bold experience and romantic charm, has grown into the most passionate piece about summer style in over a century of popular culture, and is the most distinctive part of Vintage aesthetics.

Most Hawaiian shirts is “similar”,  “Camp collar” with “flat angle short hem”, made of artificial silk fabric. And the difference lies in the inspiration prints .

You should know these things before buying a Hawaiian Shirt

Hawaiian shirts have the brilliant colors and rich patterns constitute a unique artistic form . If not it would be an ordinary shirt. Therefore, we can start with the arrangement pattern of Hawaiian shirt prints.

All Over:

All Over print is repeated pattern and spread throughout .It is the most basic printing process but also the oldest and most widely circulated one.


Scene print is also one of the most classic Hawaiian shirt styles. Usually has a rich scene narrative and belongs to a more complete picture frame.
Moreover, Scenic prints usually have designated theme elements, often taken from the beach corner of Hawaiian islands. Common elements include seawater, surfing, beaches, coconut groves, pineapples, volcanoes, sky, and more, with a classic and strong tropical island style.


The shirt of Horizontal is composed of a complete large-scale scene before and after, without repetition.

Instead, the shirt is treated as a canvas as a whole, as if appreciating an independent painting, leaving one immersed in it and unable to leave.


The Border should be the most orderly arrangement of patterns in Hawaiian shirts. With the shirt front facing the central axis, one or two patterns are symmetrically distributed longitudinally on both sides of the shirt, which is the most symmetrical. Some even add patterns to the button front in the middle.


Matched also has a style with a clearly symmetrical structure, but it is horizontally distributed and usually only has the circle on the chest. Other areas do not include or incorporate less prominent print designs, mainly highlighting the theme on the chest.

Back Panel:

Back Panel print is a rare print design in the mainstream Hawaiian shirt market, mainly found in a small number of traditional brands or Vintage items. The back is composed of a complete picture, but there is no pattern on the front, or a little print is retained in the chest patch pocket.


In recent years, new and novel designs have been played on Hawaiian shirts.Using the front fly as the dividing line, there are completely different pattern designs on the left and right sides, with different styles and structures. 

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