“Military Pants”——Gurkha pants, Cargo pants, and Chino pants

The other side of military style is practical, everyday, and even elegant.

Although military style pants have a wide range of categories and many branches in terms of time and country. Gurkha pants, Cargo pants, and Chino pants still the most common ones.

Gurkha Pants

The biggest feature of Gurkha pants is the double pleated design on the front, with a higher waistline. The waistband is integrated with the pants, and two adjustment loops on the left and right to adjust the elasticity, avoiding the need to make new military uniforms.

Due to the fact that “Gurkhas” originally designed for hot climates. it still in the style of shorts in the early days, with wide legs that were cool and breathable. Although worn on jungle battlefields, due to the high waisted nature of Kullgar shorts, the top tuck into the pants, making it less rugged.

Cargo Pants

Cargo Pants are the most “workwear” in the eyes of the public . because of their large pocket design, people gradually think that Cargo Pants is work pants. In fact, Cargo pants are also military uniforms.

In the 1990s, Cargo pants were brought into the fashion circle by rap enthusiasts and became popular. Although pockets no longer needed to hold things, they retained as a design element and were commonly seen in workwear styles.

Chino Pants

Another name for Chino pants that we often refer to is khaki pants. Unlike the first term, khaki pants describe the color of the pants rather than the fabric. In 1848, when the British army station in India. they disguise their white uniforms and used a mixture of coffee, curry, and other dyes to produce a color called khaki. Military pants call khaki pants.

Until now, For ordinary people, Chino pants also the most suitable military uniform item for formal occasions.

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