Work Jacket——The Most Eye-catching Retro Item

Work Jackets have the most special significance in the hearts of countless retro fans

The workwear fabric is Rip Stop material, also known as cross pattern fabric. This fast drying and excellent tear resistance fabric can effectively resist sunlight exposure, mosquito bites, and other harsh environments.

After having the most iconic silhouette, there have been some major and minor improvements, but what remains unchanged is that the design has become increasingly simple.

work jacket has also become more in line with recent trends and fashion trends, gradually becoming a must-have item in foreign men’s clothing matching.

The full name of HBT is Herringbone Twill, which is a type of fabric named after the weaving process. It is called “herringbone twill fabric” and is woven from a single yarn in a single direction, forming a “herringbone” distribution, hence the name.

The work jacket reproduces the typical charm of military style. We also use all cotton HBT herringbone fabric, which has excellent drape and breathability.

Retro aesthetics do not converge with general trends. It must be rooted in history and tradition in order to interpret the present and look forward to the future.

It can even be said that retro is never just a simple style, it represents a way of life and aesthetic value, and must have sufficient “connotation” to carry it.

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Post time: 2024-07-02

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